GPMB Virtual Bee Fun Day – June 13th – 14th

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Due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, state restrictions have caused many beekeeping fun days and seminars to be cancelled across the mid-west. The Great Plains Master Beekeeping (GPMB) program has decided to put on a Virtual Bee Fun Day. Virtual Bee Fun Day is a free event, with suggested donations to help benefit Beekeeper Associations and the Great Plains Master Beekeeping program. The event will feature multiple speakers, demonstrations, and even a time to meet with your beekeeping association.

This will be a fundraising event for GPMB and their partnering associations, but it will be offered to the public free of charge. There will be a suggested donation fee of $10 per person with the ability to customize your donation amount.

As you will see the list below, we are covering quite a bit of different topics, all of these are topics we have heard you request as wants for fun days, GPMB talks, UNL Workshops, etc.

If you have not, like the Great Plains Master Beekeeping page on Facebook.  We will be posting updates in the event.

Some of these talks will be recorded and available for later viewing, some of them will not.  That decision is up to the individual lecturer.  Sometimes it is due to emerging research that is not yet published to the scientific community.  We will be posting a schedule of which ones will be available to watch later and which ones you can only watch live.

Saturday June 13th 8:30a – 5p

  • Sheldon Brummel – GPMB updates & Goals
  • Dr. Dewey Caron – Lecture: Management  – TBA
  • UNL Bee Lab – Honey House Demo: Honey Extraction (Small and large scale)
  • Drs. Michael Simone-Finstrom & Kate Ihle – USDA breeding efforts & propolis research
  • Dr. Frank Rinkevich – Amitraz resistance in bees
  • Taylor Reams – Varroa behavior
  • Randall Cass – Field Demo: Alcohol wash, sugar rolls, sticky boards….
  • Jamie Beyers – Mite treatment OA
  • Dustin Scholl – Demo: Wax processing
  • Gary Reuter – Lecture: Management – TBA
  • Dr. Marion Ellis – Lecture: Value-added – Comb Honey Production
  • Joli & Becky – Makers: Demo – Value-added 101: Soaps, lotions, bars

Sunday June 14th – 8:15a-5:25p

  • Intro/ Dr. Wu-Smart – Field Demo:  Troubleshooting hive problems
  • Melanie Kirby – Lecture: Management – Queens & breeding
  • Dr. Brad Metz – Lecture: Management – Beekeeper’s Guide to Honey Bee Pheromones
  • Dr. Jennifer Williams – Effects of Diamide insecticides on Honey bees
  • Kirstin & CFRA – Policy and solar energy/habitat
  • Dr. Priyadarshini Chakrabarti Basu – Bee nutrition and forage 
  • Ginger Reuter – Makers Demo:  Candle making
  • Megan Vetter – Makers Demo: Batiking with beeswax
  • Dr. Jennifer Tsuruda – Photography in beekeeping
  • Sarah Red-Laird – Lecture: Education/Advocacy – TBA
  • Ginny Mitchell – Preparing for fair entries & competition
  • Cory Stevens – Queen rearing tour (prerecording)
  • Becky & Joli – Makers Demo:  Advanced Value-added
  • Concluding messages